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Insightive Briefing – Digital Asset Management 

A print and digital publishing company is looking for a full-fledged capability for Digital Asset Management and Enterprise Content Management.

Digital assets of the company currently comprise of articles, images, videos, infographics and data sets from external sources.

The solution should allow access to editorial staff and allow them to plan out a certain piece of work from the inception of an idea to completion. Employees should be able to make extensive use of the inbuilt data library during the process of content creation.

The solution should allow metadata creation and tagging of the content. Moreover, it should facilitate creating content packages for the entire company.

CIO INSIGHT – “… we are looking at our content management capability and assessing what this capability should be to support a digital newsroom. We need to enable a more effective means of creating content, manage the variety of assets created on a daily basis, as well as enable us to deliver these assets to power our digital properties and content distribution channels”

They will start to implement this project by Q3 or Q4 of next year.

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Consumersapprox. 2million
Employees Served2,000+
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