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Insightive Briefing – Customer Relationship Management System 

One of the top utility companies in the UK is looking for a new CRM system.

The organisation is currently using Service Cloud with Salesforce, but only really using it as a customer contact solution. They aren’t fully utilising the package and have realised though this system has helped them scale up their business it is not value for money.

CIO mentions that he is looking for a solution that is a perfect customer contact solution with similar feature of that of Salesforce.

CIO Insight: “The challenge is; is there some other, similar kind of ideally cloud-based platform that we could use in a similar way, which doesn’t have the same license cost, but still has that same kind of flexibility and scalability, so it allows us to manage customer contacts?”

Required integrations include:

      • With the communications solution LiveOps
      • With an existing system for managing customer’s accounts, closely integrated with billing

The company is looking for the power and flexibility of Salesforce but don’t require the full breadth of functionality as they’re only using 10-20% of the tool.

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High Level StatisticsDetail
Customers Servedapprox. 800,000
Employees Served1,000+
Report into CEO
Organisation TypePrivate